How much is field admission for open play?

    - $15 all day

    Are we only open on Weekends?

    - No.  We will be open for week day games, b-day parties and private functions upon request.


    Is Ironsight Airsoft open to everyone?

    - Yes. Anyone 12 or over can play. Under 15 has to have a parent sign the waiver.


    Do we rent gear?

    - Yes. Ironsight Airsoft has multiple packages available for rent. Some include bb’s and some don’t.


    Can I drop my kid off at the field?

    - Yes, if a parent signs the waiver.


    Can I bring my own gear?

    - Yes. Most players do bring all of their own kit.


    Do I have to wear camouflage?

    - No. But it is strongly encouraged. BDU’s, Tan/ Green clothes would be best.


    Do we have a place to charge batteries?

    - No. Not at this time. Soon we will have the ability to do so...


    What other items do you recommend I have?

    - We encourage you to bring snacks, water, extra batteries, knee pads, extra pair of eyepro, gloves basically anything that you think you would need to sustain a day at the field.


    What can I buy at Ironsight Airsoft shop?

    - We carry a full line of BB’s, batteries, chargers, green gas, CO2, Mags, smoke, eyepro, full masks, half masks, some pistols and rifles. Ironsight Airsoft can order anything that is available in the airsoft market today.


    Are all games Ops or is there open play?

    - We start having OP's once OR twice a month. We will soon be open for open play during the week. We are currently preparing to go full time with the field. News will be released as "Days Open" changes are implemented.


    Is there always an Admin or supervision on the field?

    - Yes. When players are on the field there will always be a staff member on site in the field enforcing rules and ensuring safety.


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