Ironsight Airsoft is the realization of the idea by two friends in Lake Charles LA that have been in this industry for some time. We understood that there are many organizations out there that put on great events at M.O.U.T. facilities all offer the US and some where abandoned theme parks, privately owned training facilities and even old abounded hospitals. In an effort to try and grow the sport we decided to acquire some land and build a field here in Lake Charles that could serve all of Louisiana and parts of Mississippi and Texas. 

That is what we did. We are proud to say that Ironsight Airsoft is currently being grown organically by hard work and persistence in efforts to have on the best fields in the south!

Our current theme is South American Jungle and Town. This is very different from your average Military Facility or abandoned apartment complex. We wanted to give this place life. Our ultimate goal is when you enter one of the many locations such as the village, ammo depot, helo pad, or rocket site you feel as if it is a live breathing place. We quickly figured out that this type of atmosphere would take some serious work and time as well as feed back from the player. We are constantly growing and evolving the facility to make it larger and more accommodated for the airsoft/milsim player.

We have a Pro shop that sells the basic needs for the players, as well as extras to make the games more exciting and engaging.

Call or Email us anytime with any questions or concerns and we hope to see you guys on the FIELD