General Conduct and Gameplay


*Semi auto only is allowed inside any structure 

*No full auto indoors 

*A player may fire full auto into a building as long as the player and her/his gun is out side the building. 

*Try to aim for center mass of the body at all times.  

*All body hits count. Friendly fire counts as well 
Hits on a players weapon does not count as a hit 

*Blind Fire is STRICTLY prohibited 

*Magazines will remain OUT of all weapons inside the staging areas and parking lot 

*All roofs of all structures are off limits 

*Alcohol is not permitted on the property 

*Drugs of any kind is not allowed on the property 


DO NOT CALL “Cease Fire” –unless 

     *There is a medical emergency that requires immediate attention. You cannot call cease fire to pick up an item you have dropped during game play. 

     *If there is a person that has lost their eye protection. At that moment please try and shield that person from random fire and protect until that player has placed their eye pro back on. 

     *If there is a medical emergency please yell “CORPSMAN” until a staff member has arrived on the scene. 



If at anytime we feel a player does not have the capacity or inclination to play safely and responsibly , that player will be escorted off the field. 

These Rules are for your safety and will be enforced throughout gameplay. 
Any questions are to be handled by STAFF only


When you are hit, You will deploy your dead rag and sit at the location you were shot for 2 min. In order to be Revived a Player must place their hand on you before that 2 min bleed out is completed. Once you place your hand onto them, you must keep physical contact to them until the time is up. If you remove your hand from them, they Die. They will have to go back to re-spawn.